Cooking line consists of large countertop ovens (45-36 litres) with convection and grill, medium sized (23 and 18 litres) and a small size 9 litres oven; all these appliances are equipped with timer and adjustable thermostat. GenioPiù, our halogen convection oven, is now made of a double insulated container, to ensure the maximum safety during use.

The range of products also includes several microwaves, the new electric 4.5 litres Wokuoco wok, large electric barbecue grills, contact grills and sandwich makers with easy to clean non-stick plates, toaster of various types such as Bruschettiere that can cook up to 4 toasts or 2 large slices of homemade bread or Cialdon and Tortin, to cook excellent homemade waffles and donuts.

For a healthy and dietetic cuisine, Naturiera our4 level steam cooker, food dehydrator Conservo and Fermento, the 7 glass jar yogurt maker ideal for the whole family.

The following products complete the line: some large kettles and a bi-volt travel kettle, the coffee machine America, numerous electric cast iron hotplates andsafe and environmentally friendly induction cooker Induzio.

No other products available

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