Internal convection

60 minutes timer

Adjustable thermostat up to 230° C

Halogen heating element

Indicator lights

Transparent panoramic glass bowl

Capacity: 12 Lit

Complies with EN60335-2-9 / A13: 2010

Safety system

Accessories: 4 metal skewers, low rack, high rack and pliers

Power: 1300 W

Power Supply: AC 230V ~ 50 Hz

Dimensions (L x H x D) cm: 42 x 34 x 33

Weight: 6.5 Kg

Master: 2 pcs

Color: White

CL264 optional: extension ring for volume up to 18L (not included)

The halogen convection oven GenioPiù allows you to cook several foods healthy and natural, without using oil and fats. Ideal for steaming, this electric oven is equipped with a large panoramic glass container of 12 litres capacity, which let you check the status of cooking whenever you want, without any leak of heat that usually happens when you open the oven.

Thanks to its practical structure with heat-resistant handles, once finished cooking, you can easily unplug it from the electrical outlet to take it directly to the table, without using serving trays.

GenioPiù is also equipped with a transparent outer shell that protects you from possible burns and at the same time it keeps the food warmer.

With completely removable and dishwasher-safe bowl, GenioPiù is self-cleaning: simply pour a few drops of dish soap and a few glasses of water and start operation, to easily degrease dirt and clean leftovers which usually are more difficult to remove.

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