Our history is made of challenges and passion for the household appliances

In 2009 Trevi Group decided to enter the field of Electric Household Appliances with its own line of branded products. It was therefore founded the new subsidiary Trevidea Ltd. with the purpose of managing and developing new lines of products related to the home-living, which immediately gained a lot of interest from the experts, as well as a great appreciation from the customers who were already loyal to the Trevi brand, on the market since 1976.

In a few years as Trevidea, we were able to achieve different product lines expanding our business, which now ranges from the food preparation to the storage and cooking, from the house cleaning and the iron appliances to the lamps, accessories and all the products related to personal care.

Our catalog includes every type of kitchen appliance such as mixers in various sizes, professional stand mixers, electric and induction hobs, kettles and coffee grinder, food processors and choppers. Among our products you can list also a brand new meat grinder with tomato juicer attachment, different types of electric hand mixers with or without the bowl, electric graters and slicers, contact grills and sandwich makers, microwave ovens of various sizes as well as some electric grids with non-stick plates and barbecues, hand blenders, bread toasters and a donut maker, digital scales with high precision sensor and mechanical kitchen scales.

To meet the needs of our consumers more, we wanted to create a series of unique products with innovative functions, oriented to healthy cooking, such as the halogen oven Genio Più which cooks without any fat, the brand new electric wok Wokuoco to experience the taste of oriental cuisine, the electric steamer with three baskets ideal for fish and meat and the energy efficient electric dryer for fruits and vegetables.

We also offer a wide selection of steam irons for all your needs: the professional steam station Itala, for example, is completely made in Italy and is equipped with a steam iron with cork handle, heat boiler and a wide and integrated supporting base for the iron, to ensure a long range of use and excellent results on each fabric. We also produce 3 different ironing systems, even with continuous refilling, professional irons of different powers, all equipped with vertical steam and super steam, a dry iron as some travel irons as well, complementary accessories and 2 different fabric brushes.

In our catalogue, you can different appliances dedicated to the personal care for Him & Her, including many professional hair dryers with ionic technology and practical travel dual-voltage hairdryer, electrical hair brushes complete with all accessories, straightening plates and curling irons, electric shavers, professional hair clippers and rechargeable beard trimmers.

Together with daily use home appliances, we've chosen some products mainly targeting the hospitality industry, such as small refrigerators with semiconductor technology or practical soap dispensers and a wide range of electrical products for household cleaning as vacuum cleaners, canister and portable, cyclonic brushes, multi-functional bins, ash vacuums and steam cleaners.

Every year, in addition, we renew two product lines dedicated to summer and winter comfort: TEPOR includes a wide range of products for the heating, which are energy saving oriented, such as full heaters, convectors, fireplaces and electric heaters with ceramic, fiber carbon and halogens heating elements. PIENO VENTO, on the other hand, is a complete line of ventilation equipments and it includes stand and table fans, rotary towers and double rotating air-movement appliances. All the products are equipped with engines with 100% copper winding, which means long-lasting quality.

Our primary goals are the quality and reliability of our products supported by service and constant attention to the customer, so we rigidly check every step of production and we are always looking for new ideas for the home and original solutions that help our customers in their every day life, innovative products with intuitive functions, clean designs and advanced technical features.

We are proud that the strength of our brand continues to gain agreement among our consumers, thanks to the high quality and knowledge of our products combined with a wide variety of options, always supported by a network of technical service centers which are able to satisfy in short time any intervention request.

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