A brand suitable
for every person

Our heritage is deeply rooted in the identities of two historic Italian brands: GIRMI and G3 FERRARI which we are honored to continue to spread in Italy and abroad while preserving the character that has always distinguished them. GIRMI, colorful, youthful, and always brimming with ideas. Appreciated by our mothers and younger couples, but which we all use a little at home because it is simple and reliable. G3 FERRARI, iconic like its flagship product, the electric pizza oven with its distinctive shell-shaped design born from the creativity of the family Ferrari and now appreciated not only in Europe but beyond. It is distinguished by its clean and professional lines, able to meet the needs of even the most demanding consumer.

In the 1950s, the blender Girmi, named for its initial functions of ‘Girare’ (to turn) and ‘Miscelare’ (to mix), entered Italian households. The success was such that it became the name of the Company, formerly “La Subalpina”. Like other small appliances, which were becoming increasingly popular during that period, it changed people’s daily routines and earned a special place in their kitchens.

It was 1970 when the three Ferrari brothers decided to combine their entrepreneurial skills and establish a company for the production and marketing of small appliances, which would be named G3 Ferrari S.p.A. where G3 signifies the triple repetition of the initial letter of their names. Creativity, originality, and innovation are elements that lead to the creation of iconic and innovative products like the Delizia pizza oven or the Pastaio Elegance. Today, just like in the past, the products selected in Modena’s offices are then manufactured in the world’s best production facilities. This is what makes G3FERRARI a 100% Italian brand with a global presence.